Advanced Classes

Our advanced lessons are tailored to meet the needs of students who have obtained a good level of experience in Japanese Karate Do. These classes are certainly not for the faint hearted as they are high impact classes in a very strict atmosphere. Students in these classes will already have the experience required to keep up in the class. These classes focus on advanced techniques to only those students who have earned their place at our Martial Arts School. Quite often, techniques of this nature are only taught to our most loyal students who have gained 5 years + experience.

The advanced lessons expand the students’ knowledge not only for self-defence, but to effectively pass their knowledge onto others in the most proficient way possible. Advanced students will not only have the techniques but the many tools required to one day move onto the next level and become successful instructors themselves.

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These classes are specifically designed to teach children and adults who are of an advanced level. You can be rest assured that all students will be taught with the emphasis that all techniques must be  performed to the highest standard. These classes are taught by the Chief Instructor, Sensei Jonathan Bolt who has the following:

  • DBS Check
  • Completed a First Aid course
  • Has achieved 4th Dan in Karate Do
  • Teaching. experience since 2002
  • Achieved various qualifications within the Karate Community
  • Has extensive knowledge edge in other Martial Arts, such as Akidio, Kobujutsu and Tai Chi Chuan.

In these classes students follow a complex syllabus in which students are expected know inside and out. In the advanced class students are also taught techniques which are not in the syllabus. Certain techniques are only taught to the most loyal students. Students are also taught to explore, understand a much deeper and comprehensive meaning of Karate Do. The goal of these lessons is to help the student to:

  • Have and understand a comprehensive syllabus
  • Learn how to pass their knowledge on in a teaching capacity
  • Understand a much deeper meaning of Karate Do
  • Understand the Japanese terminology for all basic and advanced techniques
  • Learn advanced techniques to push their Karate to the next level
  • Learn and understand how each technique works
  • Learn how to use the techniques for self defence

Students in these lessons will typically have a good understanding of the Kihon (basics) already. Students will realise that Karate Do is a life long pursuit and time for the student to progress is irrelevant as each student will progress at there own rate. However,  in these classes all students will be pushed to their maximum ability.


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