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There are many martial art schools out there.  Some are good, and many not so good. So, what makes us so special? Well, we don’t need to use elaborate marketing to get your attention, we don’t go around knocking on people’s doors trying to sell you lessons. 90% of our customers are through word of mouth. You will see that there is no fast track systems in place;  all of our instructors have a minimum of 4 years training and have taken our own personalised instructor course. There are many other reasons why 100s of students choose our Ju Dachi Martial Arts club for their Karate training. Book your free trial lesson and see it for yourself. We run classes in London, Caerphilly and Cardiff.

Why choose us

At Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association we teach traditional Shotokan Karate Do which originates from Okinawa, a Japanese island. Shotokan Karate was founded by Master Sensei Gichin Funakoshi.

“Kara” which means Empty the word “Te” which means hand and “Do” which means way. So, Karate Do Translates as “The Way of the Empty Hand”. Karate is a means of self-defense where we use every part of our body such as our hands and feet as a means to protect ourselves.   Karate is founded on a grand philosophical and spiritual tradition based on Bushido and Zen Buddhist principles. Through hard training and practice, Karate develops not only the body, but also the mind and character.

We are affiliated to the RKAGB, and we also hold Kobujutsu sessions.

Experience matters

At our school you can be assured that you will be taught by highly trained instructors. Unlike many schools, all of our instructors are required to have a minimum of 4 years training,  a minimum grade of 1st Dan, and have passed their level 1 coaching,  to ensure a high standard of teaching. All of our instructors are CRB checked, fully insured and first aid qualified.

Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds. They are professional and passionate about what they teach and their mission is to leave a legacy, to pass on to the students such as Karate skills and knowledge that the instructors have learned and mastered over the years. The aim of our instructors is to show our students what they are capable of and what they can achieve.

Our Gradings

There are many clubs out there where belts are handed out to students like sweets. All our exams are done in small groups in front of an examination panel who decide whether our students are ready to move onto the next stage. As our students progress, the exams will become longer, harder, as there will be more content and a more advance requirements to get through. The first exam may only take 15 minutes but at 1st Dan level the exam can take as long as 4 hours.  All students that attend our gradings also have to show an understanding of the techniques, and a reason why and when to use them. Students are only permitted to attend the grading with recommendation of their instructor and must have completed the pre-grading course.

Usually at the end of the examinations there is a results/award ceremony where all the students get together to receive their results and belts and certificates if they have been successful.

What makes our school different

Finding a Karate school that teaches traditional undiluted techniques whilst having an open mind, is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We teach traditional Japanese Karate Do in a non-political manner. Students at our school have to earn their grades with hard work; belts are not given out like sweets in a candy store. We teach traditional Karate Do as it was taught 100s of years ago. There is no fast tracking, nor do we allow students to teach after a years worth of training, as we have witnessed on many cases. Our students can be assured that they will be taught by highly professionally trained instructors, some of which have been taught and awarded grades by top Japanese instructors.

We believe in Karate for all, no matter what the student’s background, level of fitness, sex, or age. We can teach any age from 4 years old. We encourage our students to train as much as possible with a selection of local venues, days and times to suit everyone, for training either after school or after work.

We love the idea and practicality of families training together and we promote this, helping their budgets with our awesome family discounts.

We work closely with the community and run local schemes where local students can train for free (T&C apply), and we are involved in local events, martial art demonstrations and competitions.


Limited Spaces, Secure Your Spot And Get A FREE uniform when you Join.

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