About Us

Judachi Martial Arts offers fun, enjoyable lessons for kids and adults in a professional environment. Discover how our training can help you.We are dedicated and passionate about the development of our students. The Ju Dachi Martial Arts club was opened in 2002 by a dedicated Karate Ka Sensei Jonathan Bolt currently a 4th Dan. We are a family run business and teach and train in traditional Karate from various traditional styles. The main style taught is Shotokan Karate Do. We also hold seminars with top world class leading instructors such as Sensei Phil Snewin (Kamshin Ryu), Sensei Julian Meide (Ryukyu Kobujustsu) just to name a few.

Fully Trained

All our instructors are fully trained and have completed CPD certified course in child and adult safeguarding.

Award Winning Instructors

Our instructors have won top instructor awards via various governing bodies.

Our Company

The Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association is run by the chief instructor Sensei Jonathan Bolt who is the Director of the company, with his wife Sensei Patricia as a share holder. Together they run the association assisted by fantastic team of volunteers who are always keen to help.  Our Karate school is committed to upholding the true meaning and traditions of traditional Karate Do. We pride ourselves that our students are taught to a very high standard in a strict but fair fashion. A large percentage of our students have been training with us for over 7 years or more. The guidance and support our students receive are second to none. We always strive to achieve perfection of all aspects of Karate Do. Sensei Jon started training at the age of 10 and now 25 years later is passing his valuable knowledge on to others. Also attending various training seminars whenever he can in between his very busy schedule. Over the years we have developed a complex syllabus that continually challenges students, while increasing their knowledge of Karate Do in bite size pieces. Students are pushed hard and are expected to continuously practise at home, which helps the student understand the fundamentals and meaning of the various techniques. We don’t just focus on the syllabus which is required for exams, but also in how to apply these techniques in a real life situation.

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