What is the youngest that can join

The youngest we accept is 4 years of age.

Do you offer a free trial

Yes the first lesson is offered as a free trial with no obligation.

How long does each session run

Each session is an hour long, however students can train as many sessions as they wish at no extra cost.

Do you offer discounts for families

Yes, if you pay for two, the third person trains for free and the fourth person for half price. Subject to terms and conditions.

Do you offer lessons for children with autism

Yes, are lessons are suitable for children diagnosed with autism, ADHD etc.

What should you wear for your first lesson

We recommend that you wear loose comfortable clothing such as: jogging bottoms and a loose T shirt.

Do we need special footware

No as we train in bare feet.

Are parents allowed to stay and watch

For the first lesson we do allow you to stay and watch for the first lesson. We also allow parents whose children have special needs to stay or those parent with very young children.

What protections are in place

All are instructors are DBS checked, insured and first aid trained. All our instructors have also completed various safeguarding courses for your peace of mind.

How much is it to join

We charge £60 to join which includes one years insurance, license book, and a FREE uniform.

Can absolute beginners join

Yes, we have specific classes for beginners which will take you from a novice to an experienced Karate Ka.

How long does it take to gain a black belt

This very much depends on each individual, however in most cases it takes around 4-5 years.

How often should i train

We recommend at the minimum you should train 2 hours per week however the majority of students train at least 3-4 hours per week.

Do you offer private sessions

Yes, we offer private one to one sessions at a cost of £25 per hour.