Karate Lessons In London SE1

The JDMA runs lessons in Bermondsey, London. These classes are suitable for both children and adults. The JDMA offers lessons in Karate and Kobujutsu (Okinawan Weapons.) The lessons are held at Four Squares Comunity Hall and Longfield Hall. Students will also be able to train at Sensei Jon’s private Dojo. See below for the current location on google Maps.

Longfield Hall SE1

LocationDayStart TimeEnd TimeAge GroupStyleClassBook
Longfield HallWednesday18:0019:00Adults, Children, Family 4+ShotokanWednesday (Beginners)Book Now
Longfield HallWednesday19:0020:00Adults, Children 7+ShotokanWednesday (Coloured Belts)Book Now
Longfield HallFriday16:3017:30Adults, Children, Family 4+ShotokanLongfield Hall London (Beginners)Book Now
Longfield HallFriday17:3018:30Adults, Children, Family 4+ShotokanLongfield Hall London (Beginners Class)Book Now
Longfield HallFriday18:3019:30Adults, Children, Family 5+KobujutsuLongfield Hall London (Intermediate Class)Book Now
Longfield HallFriday19:3020:30Adults 11+Kamashin Ryu, Kobujutsu, Self Defence, ShotokanLongfield Hall London (Adults)Book Now
Longfield HallSaturday9:3010:30Adults, Children, Family 4+ShotokanLongfield Hall (Beginners Class)Book Now
Longfield HallSaturday10:3011:30Adults, Children, Family 5+ShotokanLongfield Hall (Coloured Belts adults and children)Book Now
Longfield HallSaturday11:3012:30Adults, Children, Family 16+Kamashin Ryu, Self Defence, ShotokanLongfield Hall (Adults and Black Belts Only)Book Now

Four Squares Community Hall

LocationDayStart TimeEnd TimeAge GroupStyleClassBook

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